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Local Exchange Carriers

The community of Chadron has 3 local exchange carriers. CenturyLink is the incumbent local exchange carrier. Great Plains Communications and Mobius Communications are the competitive local exchange carriers. The CenturyLink central office is on a fiber ring and provides ISDN, DSL, and ADSL. CenturyLink has fiber in the local network and additional fiber can be installed as needed. Great Plains Communication is headquartered in Blair, Nebraska, and provides digital telephone service, POTS, PRI,SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX and High Speed Internet (fiber optic/cable modem) and cable television to the city via FIBER and Cable Modem. to the city via  FIBER and Cable Modem. Mobius Communications is headquartered in Hemingford, Nebraska, and is a provider for POTS, DSL, and ADSL.

CenturyLink is the incumbent local exchange carrier for Crawford, and Mobius Communications has installed fiber to Crawford.


DSL broadband services are provided by CenturyLink and Mobius via local exchange facilities.  Great Plains Communications, utilizing its own facilities has an extensive fiber network and cable modem. GPC

GPC Fiber Network can provide 1 Gig service to customers in Chadron and the Panhandle Region.  Great Plains Communications has a robust fiber plant covering the entire City of Chadron.

In Crawford, CenturyLink and Mobius provide DSL broadband services via local exchange facilities


Cellular coverage is provided by Verizon and Viaero Wireless. The Verizon towers are located on East 2nd Street in Chadron and in Crawford, just north of the city limits. Verizon and Viaero has a local retail offices in Chadron.


Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) can be provided by Great Plains Communications and Manna Systems and Consulting. Great Plains Communications offers Panasonic Business Systems that feature VoIP technology and local, certified Local Area Network installers.

Cable Television

Great Plains Communications offers more than 150 cable television channels, including local area broadcasters, digital music, and local weather and programming. HDTV is also available from Great Plains Communications.

Communications Service Providers:


The Chadron Record, a local weekly newspaper, has 2,300 subscribers. “Your Neighbors,” a weekly shopping guide, is delivered to an additional 4,700 residents in Dawes County. Other papers delivered locally include the Crawford Clipper/Harrison Sun (weekly) with 1,300 subscribers, Rapid City Journal (daily) and Scottsbluff Star-Herald (daily).

Local News Websites:


Four radio stations operate in Chadron:

  • KCSR-AM  610 KHz
  • KQSK-FM   97.5 MHz
  • KCNB-FM   94.7 MHZ
  • KBPY-FM  107.7 MHZ

Chadron Public Schools are a Class 3, Type K-12 district. There are no rural schools affiliated with the district and all students attend classes in Chadron.

The capacity of the public elementary schools is 450. The middle school, built in 1921 and renovated in 1983, has a capacity of 350. The high school was built in 1968, remodeled in 1994, and has a capacity of 500. Vocational courses offered in high school include business, industrial technology, home economics, and cooperative education. Special education classes are provided at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

84% of students take the ACT and have a composite score of 21.8. 78% of seniors pursue a higher education degree.


Type of School Number Classrooms Students Teacher/Pupil Ratio
Elementary 2 20 513 1 to 17
Middle School 1 21 213 1 to 10
High School 1 27 259 1 to 10


Crawford Public Schools are a Class 3, K-12 district.

The maximum capacity of the public elementary school is 185. The high school was built in 1930 and remodeled in 1958 and 1966 and has maximum capacity of 220. Vocational courses offered in the high school are industrial technology, consumer science, and business education. Interactive distance learning is available.

The public school system also provides facilities for remedial reading, remedial mathematics, and a special education program for students K-12, plus pre-school needs programs. It is estimated that 98% of these students finish high school, with 85% pursuing a higher education degree. 100% of students take the SAT with a composite score of 21.1.


Type of School Number Classrooms Students Teacher/Pupil Ratio
Elementary 1 10 121 1 to 10
Jr-Sr High School 1 15 114 1 to 8

Chadron State College

In 1910 the Nebraska Legislature selected Chadron as the site for a college to serve the educational needs of western Nebraska and Chadron State College, a state-supported institution, was founded in 1911. Now entering its second century, CSC is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, and the Council on Social Work Education. The college is approved by the American Association of University Women. Chadron State offers degree programs leading to Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in education, Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees in education, Master of Business Administration, and Specialist in education degrees as well as pre-professional education regarding the Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP). Available majors reflect both traditional academic disciplines as well as a variety of emerging study areas.

CSC offers educational services through its online digital capabilities, which include simultaneous two-way audio and visual instruction communications. CSC is a national leader in online course work. College personnel provide training and consulting in a variety of areas and help provide additional services through a network of established linkages with other institutions and state agencies.

Western Nebraska Community College

Chadron and Crawford are part of the Western Nebraska Community College Area, which encompasses 12 ½ western Nebraska counties. Campus facilities are operated at Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) at Scottsbluff with education centers in Sidney and Alliance. Western Nebraska Community College also offers community education classes at Chadron State College and other locations in Chadron. WNCC works with area industries, retail establishments, and other agencies and organizations in planning in-service and/or in-plant training programs.

Pine Ridge Job Corps Center

Seventeen miles south of Chadron, on the Nebraska National Forest, USDA operates a federally funded vocational training center called Pine Ridge Job Corps Center. This residential facility is open to young men and women looking for a less traditional learning environment. Students can receive a GED, High school diploma, and/or certifications in brick laying, cement masonry, business technology, carpentry, construction craft laborer, facilities maintenance, health occupations, painting and welding. More than 400 students pass through the Job Corps Center’s programs each year.


Chadron serves as a regional medical facility for a 60 mile radius. Modern healthcare and retirement facilities are critical to keeping the population base and area residents in the region. The Chadron Community Hospital opened brand new facility in 2010. The state of the art facility houses the Chadron Medical Clinic, visiting physicians clinics, surgery, emergency rooms, dialysis, and eventually will have in-house CT scanner. Home health care, swing bed services, and hospice care are provided. The hospital is a full service acute care hospital and clinic allowing for enhanced delivery of medical services to nearly 15,300 rural residents. Seven physicians, three physicians’ assistants, and one nurse practitioner staff the Chadron Medical Clinic.

Medical Personnel in or Serving Chadron:

Medical Doctor(s) 7
Physicians' Assistants 4
Dentist(s) 4
Chiropractor(s) 4
Registered Nurse(s) 40
Licensed Practical Nurse(s) 30

There are 40 volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians who respond to calls with three basic life support ambulances owned by the Chadron Volunteer Fire Department. Hospital patient transfer is provided by 2 licensed ground transport systems, 2 helicopter systems and one fixed-wing aircraft. Western Community Health Resources, located in Chadron, provides access in the county to programs such as WIC, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health Services, Immunizations, Maternal and Child Health Services and programs for low income individuals.


Legend Buttes Health Services (LBHS), located at 11 Paddock Street in Crawford, is a full service clinic open daily, staffed by a physician or physician’s assistant. Four physicians and three physician’s assistants provide a rotating schedule. Other personnel include one nurse practitioner and two LPNs. Lab, x-ray, and EKG’s are available on site. Free immunizations are provided daily by appointment. LBHS is a department of Chadron Community Hospital. There are two rescue units staffed with 18 volunteer, certified EMTs, 12 AED certified and 10 Advanced Airway certified technicians.


Chadron operates a Senior Citizen’s Center built in 1983. Located at 251 Pine Street, it offers activities as well as serving as a nutrition site for noon meals. In Crawford, the Senior Citizen’s Community Center was built in 1986 and operates as a nutrition site for the elderly. One full-time employee coordinates the meals served. The center has weekly activities programs.

Crest View Care Center, built in 1966, is licensed as a 70-bed skilled nursing care facility certified by Medicare. An 8-bed Alzheimer’s Unit was added in 1993. Professional nursing services and adult day care are available 24 hours a day. The care center has an activities director, social worker, and a food service director who works under the direction of a licensed dietitian. The center provides Meals on Wheels seven days a week and a van for medical transportation.

Ponderosa Villa, in Crawford, NE is a 35-bed nursing facility and 18-bed assisted living facility, opened in 1972. It is owned and operated by the City of Crawford and licensed by the state of Nebraska as a Nursing Facility. The facility is state and federally approved for Medicaid. Services offered include 24-hour nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, activities, social services, and assistance with preparing special diets as prescribed by a physician.

Prairie Pines Lodge, owned by Chadron Community Hospital, was constructed in 1994 and has expanded 3 times since. It has 20 assisted living apartments and 46 independent apartments. It is accredited by the Nebraska State Board of Licensure, Medicaid and Medicare. Services include medication support, PHD pharmacy medication reviews, 24/7 licensed staffing, meal service, housekeeping, laundry, activities, transportation, religious services and shopping.

County Government

Dawes County is 1,404 square miles and is governed by 3 county commissioners, elected by popular vote for 4-year terms. Dawes County belongs to a regional development district, the Panhandle Area Development District along with ten other counties. This organization assists with planning, grant administration and program administration including comprehensive plans and blight studies. County zoning classifications are agricultural, business, industrial, and residential.

Municipal Government

Chadron has a city manager form of government. The city office is located at 234 Main Street, Chadron, NE 69337. There is a 5-member elected city council including a presiding mayor. The position of Mayor is an elected 2-year term of office from among the seated council members. The council members are elected for a term of 4 years. The City Manager is appointed and has an annual contract. Council meetings are the first and third Mondays of the month.

Crawford has a mayor-council form of government. The city office is located at 135 Elm Street, Crawford, NE 69339. There is a 4-member elected city council in addition to the elected mayor. The term of office is 4 years.

State Government

Nebraska's Unicameral, or single-house legislature, is unique among state legislatures. It meets every year, alternating 90 and 60 day sessions. The budget is passed on a 2-year basis during the long session.

Law Enforcement

The Chadron Police Department employs 14 full-time police officers and11 support personnel. The department has 7 cruisers, communications network, two-way radios, radar, video recording equipment, investigative equipment, and other standard equipment.

The Dawes County Sheriff’s Department employs 3 full time officers and 6 support staff. The Sheriff’s office recently signed a contract to provide services for the city of Crawford, adding 3 more full time officers. The department is equipped with two-way radios, 4 patrol cars, search and rescue equipment, and other standard equipment. Regular patrol by the police and sheriff’s departments provide protection to existing industries.

Troop E of the Nebraska State Patrol is headquartered in Scottsbluff. There are 48 officers headquartered in Scottsbluff and 5 stationed in Chadron.


Chadron has 36 miles of streets, 30 miles of which are hard-surfaced with concrete or asphalt. There are no local load restrictions. Ninety-four percent of the paved streets have curbs and 52 percent have sidewalks.

Crawford has 12 miles of streets in the community; 9 miles are hard surfaced with concrete. There are no local load restrictions. All paved streets have curbs and 75 percent have sidewalks.

Fire Protection

Chadron has a 50-member volunteer fire department. Protection is provided within the city limits. The Rural Fire Protection District serves approximately 900 square miles outside the city limits. The department also provides mutual aid to communities within an 85-mile radius.

There are 256 fire hydrants in Chadron and 76 in Crawford.

A 25-member volunteer fire and rescue department provides fire protection to the community of Crawford. Chadron’s and Crawford’s departments also provide protection for areas outside the community limits by operating the Rural Fire District’s equipment.


Chadron has a 9 member planning commission. Members are appointed by the city council for 3-year terms.

A Comprehensive Plan for Chadron, prepared by the Lakota Group was completed in June 2015.

Crawford has a 5 member planning commission. Members are appointed by the city council for 3-year terms. Crawford also has a Board of Adjustments. A Comprehensive Plan, prepared by the Panhandle Area Development District at Gering, Nebraska, was finalized in 1998.


The International Residential Code, International Plumbing Code, International Sewer Code, International Private Sewage Code, and International Building Code are enforced in Chadron.

Local zoning classifications are:

AG Agriculture
RR Rural Residential
R-1 Low Density Residential
R-2 Urban Family Residential
R-3 Multiple Family Residential
MH Mobile Home Residential
LL Limited Commercial
CC Community Commercial
DC Downtown Commercial
GC General Commercial
LI Limited Industrial
GI General Industrial

Crawford zoning classifications are: Residential, Residential Estate, Multi-Family, Commercial, Central Business District, Industrial, Public, Park and Federal Park. Uniform Building Codes are enforced in Crawford.

Quality of Life Brochure

Journey to Western NE Magazine


  • Available space with room to build, expand, and enjoy life
  • Clean physical environment with high air quality
  • Clean underground water
  • Four distinct seasons
  • Abundant wildlife habitation
  • Numerous recreational activities
  • Twice the U.S. average of state park acreage per 1,000 population
    • Chadron State Park (and website link)
    • Nebraska National Forest (and website link)
    • Ft Robinson State Park (and website link)
    • 8 city parks covering 50 acres

Low Crime Rate

  • Overall crime rate per 100,000 population is 10-20% lower annually in Nebraska than the national average
  • Violent crime rate in Nebraska is half the national rate

Great Schools

  • Chadron State College a 4-year public college
  • Well maintained, modern facilities
  • Low student to teacher ratios, individualized attention
  • Rate of high school graduates is one of the best
  • Panhandle high school students rank significantly above
  • The national average on SAT and ACT college entrance exams


State of Nebraska collects 5.5% sales tax. Chadron and Crawford each collect 1.5% local sales tax. The State of Nebraska collects individual income tax, corporate income tax, sales and use tax, corporate occupation tax and excise taxes for liquor, tobacco, and motor fuels. Nebraska has no state property or inventory tax. Local governments are financed by property and city sales tax.


Actual Valuation of Chadron: $216,822,233 (2016-17)

Real Property Tax Rates ($ per $100 of actual value): For Year: 2016

City 0.422500
County 0.360717
School 1.050000
Other 0.177424
Total Real Property 2.010641

Bond Indebtedness: For Year: 2016

General Obligation 10466454
Revenue 0
County $504,717
School 0


Actual Valuation of Crawford: $31,150,004 (year 2016-17)

Real Property Tax Rates ($ per $100 of actual value): For Year: 2016

City 0.500000
County 0.360717
School 1.004203
Other 0.183593
Total Real Property 2.048513

Bond Indebtedness: For Year: 2016

General Obligation 0
Revenue 0
County $504,717
School 0

Chadron Airport

Chadron Municipal Airport, located three miles west of the city, is utilized by both commercial and private aircraft. Passenger, air freight, and air express services are provided. Boutique Airlines is the local commercial air service provider with two flights daily (Monday–Friday) and one flight on Saturday and Sunday to and from the Denver International Airport. Facilities at the Chadron Municipal Airport include two lighted and hard surfaced runways (6,000 feet and 4,400 feet), lighted field, rotating beacon, hangers, tie downs, VOR, DME, and NDB navigation, ILS approach, GPS approach, fuel, storage, aircraft maintenance, lighted wind cone, VASI on runways 20 and 02, ISL on runway 02, and PAPI on runways 29 and 11. The elevation at the airport is 3,297 feet, the latitude is N42°50.25', and the longitude is W130°05.73'.

The nearest major airport is at Rapid City, South Dakota, 102 miles (95 minutes) north of Chadron. Rapid City Regional Airport is home to four commercial airlines—Allegiant, Delta, and United Express—with service to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Denver, and Chicago.

Commercial Air Service

Boutique Airlines 855-268-8478 is the local commercial air service provider to the Chadron Airport (CDR) with 2 flights daily (Monday-Friday) and 1 flight daily on Saturday and Sunday to and from Denver International Airport.

One hundred ten miles to the north of Chadron, the Rapid City Regional airport (RAP), 4550 Terminal Road, Suite 102, is home to four commercial airlines, which are Allegiant, Delta, Northwest, and United Express with service to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and Denver and Chicago. For more information, call: (605) 394-4195, airport information - (605) 393-9924, or flight information - (605) 393-2850.


US Highway 20 running east and west travels through the center of Chadron, while US Highway 385 intersects US 20 on the west side of Chadron and runs north and south. Both US Highways are major connectors across the entire United States. North of Chadron 40 miles, US 385 becomes a 4 lane expressway (known as the Heartland Expressway) and connects with Interstate 90 at Rapid City, SD. Interstate 80 is 137 miles south of Chadron. The proposed Heartland Expressway (which is 2/3 complete), will be a 4-lane highway from Limon, CO to Rapid City, SD and will connect Chadron to major population centers, the 2 Interstate highways and ultimately Canada and Mexico.

Distance in Miles from Chadron to:

Destination Mileage
Omaha 436
Lincoln 427
Chicago 900
Dallas 1,004
Denver 301
Los Angeles 1,258
New York 1,673
Kansas City 618

Delivery Services:

United Parcel Service, Federal Express, US Postal Service all deliver 6 days a week.

Truck Lines

Larry Johnson Trucking
South 385

Cross Country Freight, serving Chadron, NE daily from Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Omaha or Des Moines 605-484-9523


Chadron is Served by Nebraska Northwestern (NNW) Railroad which operates from the Chadron yard (former CNW division headquarters) and connects to the west with the Burling Northern Sante Fe mainline at Crawford, NE and to the north the Canadian Pacific line at Rapid City, SD. NNW operates one of the only remaining independent round house/machine shops remaining west of the Mississippi River.

A working turn style and functioning drop tables in the roundhouse make this location appealing to repair activity for railroads, utilities and other car owners. Significant upgrades will be completed by the end of 2012, making the system able to handle modern sized cars and locomotives.

Bus Service

The City of Chadron operates a handi-bus for handicapped and senior transport. It is available week days within the city limits. Bus service is available through:

  • Greyhound Bus Lines, Kimball, NE - (308) 235-4514
  • Dakota Trailways, Spearfish, SD - (800) 499-2652


Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD)  provides the city of Chadron with retail electric service. Three 115,000 volt transmission lines tie to NPPD’s statewide transmission system, and a fourth line is interconnected with the Western Area Power Administration. A 28 MVA 115/34.5 k V transformer, located adjacent to the city, provides ample capacity for present and future load projections. The city has a complete ring bus of 34,500 volts consisting of five substations with a combined capacity of 22,500 k VA. The distribution voltage is operated at 4,160 wye and 12,470 wye.

Prospective customers should contact Nebraska Public Power District (308) 432-5516, for further information regarding electric rates and services.

NPPD also provides retail electric service to the community of Crawford. A 34,000-volt feeder from a 115,000-volt substation located east of Crawford provides service. The substation consists of three 833 kVA, 34.54.16 transformers. The system is connected to NPPD’s statewide grid system.

Natural Gas

Black Hills Energy supplies the community of Chadron with natural gas, through a 4-inch transmission pipeline, with an operating pressure of approximately 600-650 pounds per square inch. Black Hills Energy also supplies the community of Crawford with natural gas, through a 3-inch transmission pipeline, with an operating pressure of approximately 330 pounds per square inch.

Black Hills Energy serves approximately 1,900 residential and commercial customers in Chadron and 679 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Crawford. Information on gas service availability and applicable rates can be obtained from Black Hills Energy’s website

Local Water Supply

The water system in Chadron is city owned and operated. The system has a combined pumping capacity of 4000 gallons per minute with an underground and ground storage capacity of 2.1 million gallons. The average daily demand is 1.05 million gallons, with a static pressure from 40 to 75 pounds per square inch depending on elevation. The residual pressure varies from 35 to 65 pounds per square inch. Crawford’s water system is also city owned and operated. There are three wells, which have an average depth of 100 feet. The system has a combined pumping capacity of 950 gallons per minute with an underground and ground storage capacity of 1,750,000 gallons. The average daily demand is 300,000 gallons, with a static pressure from 40 to 80 pounds, depending on elevation. The residual pressure varies from 35 to 70 pounds per square inch.


The city of Chadron has a municipal sanitary and a storm waste water system. A new mechanical bubbler treatment plant was built and opened in 2010. The average daily flow is estimated at 864,000 gallons. The city of Chadron has a system as well as plans in place to meet Chadron’s needs well into the future.

Crawford also has an activated sludge municipal waste water system. This treatment plant was built in 2014.

Solid Waste Disposal

Both cities, Chadron and Crawford, are members of the Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska (SWANN). This inter-local governmental agency is a regional compact composed of 3 counties (Dawes, Sheridan, and Sioux) and 9 communities (Chadron, Crawford, Whitney, Harrison, Hay Springs, Rushville, Gordon, Hemingford, and Clinton). SWANN provides the communities with collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste in a landfill 12 miles north of Chadron. The rate for Chadron residential is $23.30 per month. Chadron rural is $11.35 per month. Crawford residential rate is $22.10 per month for once a week pickup because they have their own haulers.

Chadron conducted a Housing availability study in 2017. A copy of the report is located here: http://www.nndc-chadron.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/CHADRON-NEBRASKA-COMMUNITY-HOUSING-STUDY-WITH-STRATEGIES-FOR-AFFORDABLE-HOUSING-2022.pdf High Plains CDC was incorporated in January 1995 as a Community Housing Development Organization or CHDO, a federal designation, to provide for affordable housing development and related housing services for the counties of northwest Nebraska. Since 1995 High Plains has developed over 50 single family homes either through substantial rehabilitation or new construction with all homes developed for affordable housing homeownership. Headquartered in Chadron, High Plains is the only CHDO in the Nebraska Panhandle.

High Plains receives grant funds through the Nebraska Dept. of Economic Development Housing Trust Fund or HOME funds to rehabilitate homes in the Chadron area. Once completed, these homes are sold to low-moderate income families while helping to clean up the community and have these homes put back on the tax records. High Plains also provides closing cost assistance of up to $5000 to first time, low-moderate income homebuyers in the Chadron and Alliance communities. These funds are forgiven after 5 years as long as the family continues to make the home their primary residence.

High Plains provides supportive housing services as a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Program and partners with the Fair Housing Center of NE/IA in Omaha to provide fair housing and landlord/tenant education and information. Through High Plains’ certified Housing Counselors, individual counseling for those seeking to purchase a home or those in need of credit and budget counseling is offered. High Plains provides homebuyer education through eHomeAmerica, a web based program. This website is www.ehomeamerica.org and the fee for homebuyer education is $99. Once completed, a one-on-one session with one of High Plains’ counselors is required to receive the certificate of completion. In addition, High Plains provides Foreclosure counseling and the required counseling for those seeking a reverse mortgage through HUD’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program.

NPPD provides a Community Guide Book featuring statistics, quality of life information and photographs. A separate book for both Chadron and Crawford exist.